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Paper Rolls

Shippers Products is the #1 manufacturer of dunnage airbags. We’ve been helping our customers brace their loads for over 45 years, so our experienced Load Securement Specialists knows how to solve any type of damage, even to the most unique loading situations.


The Paper Roll industry has a huge emphasis on safety when shipping product.  With each paper roll weighing upward of 4,000 lbs any shift in movement is a potential safety hazard both in transport and unloading.  In addition, damage to the rolls themselves is costly; damage to the core can render the rolls useless upon arrival.

Traditionally, strapping, rubber mats, corrugated dunnage and/or 2x4s are used for protection during shipping.  However, these load securement products aren’t always effective on their own and can be time consuming to install.

It takes loaders an average of 2 hrs to load a railcar with paper rolls. Any unnecessary time spent bracing is a loss in productivity. Alternatively, improperly braced railcars will incur heavy fines, create safety hazards, delays in shipping, and result in customer dissatisfaction.


Load results when paper rolls aren’t properly braced for transportation.


Our dunnage air bags are up to the task of protecting heavy loads since they can brace loads up to 205,000 lbs. Airbags push paper rolls to the railcar sidewalls to lock the load in place, preventing loads from shifting. This ensures transit and unloader safety.

The trick is finding securement products that are both time and cost effective.

Shippers air bags are fast and easy to install, taking only seconds to brace loads.  This increases loader productivity to allow them to load faster and more efficiently.

Our trained Shipment Securement Specialists will work with you from beginning to end, helping you determine what damage prevention products will be right for your load. They will help train your team to show them proper installation methods. Loader training is easy with our paper air bags; the patented zebra stripes help ensure safe and correct installation.


Load results when paper rolls are properly braced for transportation with dunnage air bags.

All loads are unique, so please contact one of our Load Securement Specialist to evaluate which techniques to use on your specific load.

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