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With products shipped via Intermodal (aka piggyback or TOFC – trailer on flat car), freight is exposed to extreme and repetitive side to side movement. In addition, freight is shipped over long distances, often from coast to coast. This method of transport demands reliable load securement to ensure products arrive without damage. Shippers Products offers a unique line of air bags to secure a variety of freight loads during intermodal shipping.

Intermodal loads are regulated by rail carriers and the Association of American Railroads (AAR), requiring loads be secured with Level 1 air bags. Our air bags meet AAR verification for proper and safe loading.

Our dunnage air bags protect intermodal shipments by compacting and repositioning load towards end walls, which eliminates length-wise voids. In addition, air bags fill voids that occur when cargo settles. For more information, please check out our  Zebra Paper & Gorilla Polywoven air bag lines.

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