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How Airbags Work

During over-the-road (OTR) truck transit it is common for cargo loads to experience front, back, and side to side movement. Traffic, weather, pot holes, bumps, and curvy roads also contribute to load movement.  This constant movement can result in damage.

Shippers airbags create a retaining wall that literally locks your load in place, preventing any damage from occurring during transit.

Watch this video tutorial to see how airbags on Full Truck Loads work and how easy dunnage airbags are to install.


Airbag Load Examples

In most cases, an entire load can be effectively braced with 1-3 air bags placed properly at the front, middle, and rear of the load.

Airbags can brace an endless variety of products.  From stacked glass bottles to heavy machinery, Shippers Products offers a full range of airbag types and sizes to accommodate your cargo, and ensure it arrives damage free.

For more information on airbags for OTR truck applications, including available sizes, please check out our lightweight air bag lines: Zebra PaperGorilla Polywoven, & Big Foot Vinyl.

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