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Food & Beverage

For over 45 years, Shippers Products has been the #1 manufacturer of dunnage airbags. Our Load Securement Specialists have years of experience providing damage prevention solutions to even the most unique loading environments.


The food & beverage industry is always evolving, with new packaging techniques affecting how product reaches the shelves.

With the recent focus on green initiatives, many companies are not only reducing primary packaging materials (i.e. less plastic in water bottles, thinner gauge tin for cans), but also reducing the use of secondary packaging (i.e protective packaging).   

Instead of secondary packaging boxes, thin cardboard trays are used which provides less structural integrity.  More pressure for primary packaging and protective packaging to support the integrity of the load during shipping. Reducing secondary packing has its benefits: less waste, lighter loads, more warehouse space.  However, the reduction of secondary packaging can have its downsides.

Less secondary packaging leads to a loss of structural integrity. Skids being held together with only stretch wrap and corner boards cannot protect itself during transport. The constant up, down & side-to-side movement breaks down the secondary packaging.  This can result is leaning skids, crushed boxes, and spilled product at the end destination.


Load results when cereal boxes are not properly braced for transportation.



Introducing dunnage airbags to your loading practices will protect your product, help you comply with your company’s sustainability efforts, increase dock productivity, and increase loader safety.

Load bars, load locks, strapping, and 2×4’s only brace against forward and backward  movement. Airbags are the only protective packaging product that protects loads from all types of movement.

Additionally, airbags help apply pressure evenly, which supports the stability of the skids.  This is especially helpful when working with reduced primary and secondary packaging materials.

Eco-friendly protective packaging is quickly becoming an essential part of the supply chain, and our airbags can help you meet those initiatives. Our Paper, Polywoven, and Vinyl airbags are 100% recyclable.

An airbag inflates and installs in seconds, which increases worker productivity at the dock level. In addition, the patented zebra stripes on our paper airbags help ensure safe and correct installation, which simplifies loader training.

Load results when cereal boxes are properly braced for transportation with dunnage bags.

 Our Load Securement Specialists can perform a free load assessment to help determine what products and loading methods would work best for you.

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