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Airbags, when inflated and installed, reduce the risk of product damage by restricting load movement during transit. Additionally, air bags reposition the load and create a bulkhead, further preventing load shifts.

Air bags consist of a clear plastic bladder that holds compressed air, and an outer shell made of extensible kraft paper or woven polypropylene material. In addition, some air bags consist of only one layer of material- for example, vinyl or polyethylene.

Other industry terms for air bags:  Disposable Inflatable Dunnage (D.I.D), Reusable Dunnage Air Bag, Disposable Dunnage bag, Inflatable Dunnage Bag, or Dunnage Bags.


An airbag is placed in the void of a load, usually between two skids of product. An airbag inflator is used to inflate the airbag with compressed air.  As the airbag fills, it pushes product against the sidewalls of the trailer and locks the load in place.  Most airbags take only seconds to fill, making airbags a productive and cost effective way to protect products.

Once filled, airbags prevent the load from incurring damage from up, down, & side to side movement. And because airbags lock product in place, it also protects from vibrations, and abrupt stops that occur during shipping.

For answers to more technical questions, please consult our FAQ’s below.

Do you partner with any other protective packaging companies

We are part of Signode Industrial Group.  We work closely with our sister companies to create custom protective product solutions. We come together to solve to more complex damage issues.  These solutions can involve multiple types of damage prevention products.

Please visit our other Sister companies.


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How do I place an order with you?

Finding the correct size and type of airbag involves a complex process that involves examining a variety of factors such as product weight, size, product type, transport mode, and loading practice. A load securement specialist can help make the right product recommendations for your load type. By filling out your contact information, one of our experts will guide you through the products that are a fit for your unique load type.

What certifications do you have?

ISO 9001, Association of American Railroad Verified (AAR), Det Norske Veritas (DNV), Zero Hazardous Waste Generating Operations.

How can Shippers Products air bags be recycled?

All the materials used to manufacture our air bags are recyclable after the valve mechanism is removed.

If you are interested in recycling, please contact us.  We can recommend a recycler in your area.

What can be used to reduce void when exceeding maximum recommended size?

Corrugated void fillers, cardboard panels or old pallets can be placed either against the side wall of the truck or the sea container, or in between the air bag and the load to be secured.

Pinwheeling the pallets (Turning one pallet in length direction and the other one in width direction) where air bags are used will also reduce the void.

Where is the company based?

We are a USA based company.  We have 2 manufacturing facilities here in the USA, (Sheridan, Arkansas & Fordyce, Arkansas)

For specific address information, visit our company location page here.

Why should I use dunnage airbags?

When inflated and installed they reduce the risk of product damage by restricting load movement during transit. Additionally, air bags reposition the load and create a bulkhead, further preventing load shifts.

Key benefits include:

  • Product damage reduction also called “Unsellables” during transport.
  • Reduce the labor cost of securing your load compared to using lumber
  • The most versatile history proven method of load securement
  • To enhance customer satisfaction by providing undamaged products during shipment

How do I determine what air bag is right for my load application?

The correct size and type of air bag is determined by a variety of factors such as the weight of the product, the void size and the transportation mode. Please contact us to speak with a Shipment Securement Specialist, who can determine what type and size airbag is right for you.

What type of equipment do I need to inflate an Shippers Products air bag?

Contact us and communicate with a Shipment Securement Specialist who can provide inflation system recommendations for your exact shipping need.

Can I reuse a Shippers Products air bag?

Shippers Products dunnage bags are manufactured as a disposable air bag that can be reused an average of 4 times (depending on the type of air bag used). Re-usability depends on the application as well as the handling of the airbag. Before reusing an air bag you should always verify that it is free of any wear or tears. However, for shipment by rail, the AAR (Association of American Railroad) prohibits re-usability.

Does Shippers Products provide other load securement products?

Shippers Products offers a complete line of void fillers, rubber mats and load bars.

Are Shippers Products air bags verified by the AAR (Association of American Railroad)?

Shippers Products Zebra Paper and Gorilla Polywoven airbags are verified by the AAR.

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