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Shippers Products has been the industry leader for dunnage air bags for over 45 years. With an experienced team of Load Securement Specialists, we have provided load securement solutions to a variety of cases to ensure customer and end user satisfaction.


The construction industry transports a variety of heavy bulk materials that often reach the max weight capacity before the transport container is full (“max out before cube out”). This creates a unique challenge when shipping, since shippers want to transport full containers to decrease shipping costs.

Products can range from solid construction materials (roofing, lumber, and bricks) to grainy raw materials (cement bags, sand bags).

These heavy materials require loaders to go above and beyond in their bracing techniques in order for loads to arrive damage free. For example, stacked sandbag skids cannot maintain their original shape due to product settlement. This can result in the product slumping, mushrooming, or spilling during transport.

With solid construction materials such as stacked brick, sudden stops or rough road/ rail conditions can result in the entire skid toppling.  This can create safety hazards for unloaders and/or incurred fees for damaged containers.


Load results when cement bags are not properly braced for transportation.


Unlike other securement products, dunnage air bags eliminate load movement during transport and provide the necessary strength to brace the heaviest loads.  

Heavy construction loads can range from solid materials (roofing, lumber, and bricks) to grainy malleable materials (cement bags, sand bags). Our heavyweight kraft paper and polywoven air bags can brace loads up to 205,000 lbs by locking loads against the sidewalls of a container.  This prevents loads from experiencing unilateral, horizontal & vertical movements.

Additionally, these dunnage bags brace more product per square inch than alternative protective packaging, so it braces more of your product, and guarantees your product arrives at its destination damage free.

Airbags are easy to install and inflate within seconds, which increases worker productivity at the dock level. Training is simplified with the patented zebra stripes on our paper airbags. The stripes help ensure safe and correct with every installation.

Damaged loads can also be a safety issue.  Heavyweight materials, if not braced properly, can topple or fall when container doors are opened.  With proper use of dunnage airbags, this is no longer a concern.


Load results when cement bags are properly braced for transportation with dunnage bags.

All loads are unique, so please contact one of our Load Securement Specialist to evaluate which techniques to use on your specific load.

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