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Chemicals & Minerals

For over 45 years, Shippers Products has been the #1 manufacturer of dunnage airbags. Our Load Securement Specialists have years of experience providing damage prevention solutions to even the most unique loading environments.


Shipping powdered chemical & bulk materials in super sacks, presents a unique challenge.  Super sacks are filled with granular or powdery materials they are less structurally stable. For example, super sacks cannot maintain their original shape due to product settlement. This can result in the product slumping, mushrooming, or spilling during transport.  Double stacking can intensify this effect, resulting in spills and costly clean up.

Since super sacks lack the support to maintain their square shape during transport, securement products such as load bars, strapping, or nailed 2x4s are ineffective.


Load results when super sacks are not properly braced for transportation.


Even with granular product, dunnage airbags provide the necessary support  to help super sacks maintain their shape during transit. By bracing more product per square inch, airbags prevent slumping, settling or spilling.  This maintains product safety, eliminates the concern of costly cleanups, and loss of product due to improper securement.

Shippers Products airbags are easy to inflate and install in seconds, allowing dockworkers the ability to load quickly and efficiently. Our Shipment Securement Specialists work with your team to provide proper installation training and loader training is easy with our paper air bags; the patented zebra stripes help ensure safe and correct installation.


Load results when super sacks are braced for transportation with dunnage bags.

 Our Load Securement Specialists can perform a free load assessment to help determine what products and loading methods would work best for you.

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