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Cans & Bottles

Shippers Products is no stranger to load damage.  As the #1 manufacturer of dunnage airbags for the past 45 years, our Load Securement Specialists have years of experience providing damage prevention solutions to even the most unique loading environments.


Within the Cans & Bottles industry, minimal packaging is used to brace these delicate loads. Aluminum cans or glass bottles are stacked between cardboard liners and then stretched wrapped.  Skids are often much taller than average due to the lightweight product.

The fragility of empty bottles and cans make the skids more prone to damage. Since the product is so lightweight, bouncing and intense vibrations during transit are a major concern, as it can result in product toppling, shattering, dented or crushed cans, & messy clean ups.


Load results when glass bottles are not properly braced for transportation.


Even though our dunnage airbags can brace the heaviest of loads, they can also brace the most lightweight and fragile of products. They will literally lock the load in place to protect it from bouncing and vibrations the product experiences during transit.

Our lightweight airbags conform to the shape of the load. This ensures that product does not crush or dent upon installation.

Since skids in this industry tend to be tall, our airbags brace more product per square inch than other types of dunnage, allowing more stability for the skids.

Installing and filling Shippers dunnage bags are quick and simple. Our team of Shipment Securement Specialists can work with your loading team to train them on proper airbag loading methods. Our kraft paper air bags have patented zebra stripes to help ensure correct installation.


Load result when glass bottles are properly braced for transportation with dunnage airbags.

All loads are unique, so please contact one of our Load Securement Specialist to evaluate which techniques to use on your specific load.

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