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Shippers Products has been manufacturing dunnage air bags for over 40 years. We are a global supplier, and the only supplier able to provide every material type of airbag (paper, vinyl, and polywoven) to the shipping industry. As an industry leader we are dedicated to creating the highest quality products, and the best innovations for load securement.

We supply load securement products and provide customized shipment securement solutions for all your shipping needs. We provide assigned customer service agents, on site load load securement specialists, custom load audits, and professional training.

SIG, Signode, Signode Industrial Group

Shippers Products is part of a leading manufacturer of industrial packaging, Signode Industrial Group. The $2.4 billion global company has 88 manufacturing facilities across six continents and produces strap, stretch and protective packaging. With over 100 years in business, Signode Industrial Group is a pioneer in the industrial packaging industry with a long history of creating revolutionary materials, products and technology for the industry.  Additionally, our team has the knowledge and expertise to help you with all of your industrial and transit protection needs.

Our products are sold around the world in developed and emerging markets under well-known and trusted brand names, including:

Acme Packaging, Angleboard, Burseryds Bruk, Caretex, Dacro, Down River, Fleetwood, GaleWrap, Haloila, H.Bohl, Josef Kihlberg, Kiwiplan, Lachenmeier, Lock N’ Pop, Loveshaw, Mezger Heftsysteme, Mima, MIP, Muller, Multi-Wall, Orgapack, Shippers Products, Signode, Silawrap and Strapex.


It’s simple: We listen.  We have an experienced sales force to assist our customers with all of their load securement and damage prevention needs. Our trained staff fully understands the critical role that shipping plays in providing a quality product that meets your delivery requirements.

Along with “built-in” quality, Shippers Products has dedicated facilities and Statistical Process Controls (SPC) to ensure our product meets the customers’ needs. The commitment on behalf of each and every Shippers Products employee has resulted in an ISO 9001 certification. And as further testament to this standard, Shippers Products recently received certification from Det Norske Veritas (DNV).

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